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Slayers Screencap Project

An ever-growing archive

Slayers Screencaps Project
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The Slayers Screencaps project was started by me, Lord Mordax, on Feb 25th, 2006. As a Slayers fan for over 5 years, I've always been disapointed by the lack of screencaps available online. The same 50-100 caps have been circulating the internet since 2000.

No more.

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, I now have the ability to create screencaps of the entirety of the Slayers series, and intend to do so. I will be capping as much as I can from every episode of slayers until I am satisfied that every single interesting cap that could possibly be posted has been.


If you would like to affiliate with this community, email me, or drop me a comment. <3

Capping and uploading is a lot of work so I hope you respect and adore me enough to obey the


Here are the rules for using my screencaps

1)You do not talk about fight club

1) NO HOTLINKING! None, whatsoever! Hotlinkers will be dragonslaved! You've been warned.

2) If you want to use my caps on your webpage, icons, etc CREDIT ME as Overlord Mordax. DON'T THINK I WON'T KNOW IF YOU USED MY CAPS!!!

3) If you're planning on using more than one or two please send me an email or drop me a comment!

...and that's about it.

Remeber, I may be doing this as a service to the Slayers community, but I'm still in it for the power and glory. Duh. ;)